Mario Mangone Architect

1931 Commerce Ln,  Suite 4 - Jupiter, Florida

(561) 743-5111 or (772) 486-8132 - Email:

Inspired Home Design & Architecture Firm

Architecture with an Italian Accent                   

Mario Mangone Architect offers residential and commercial architectural services. Educated at the prestigious University of Venice, Italy and over 25 years of experience, including actual construction field work, gives him an edge and better understanding of the construction process, which will help to avoid costly construction mistakes. OFFICE STAFF: Mario Mangone Principal Architect, Debbie Mangone: Office Manager & Designer, Giancarlo Mangone: PhD College Professor, Sustainable Design & Consulting

Home Design

Our specialty and success is in designing Italian Renaissance style homes. However, in addition to our accomplishments in classical architecture design, we excel in designing different home styles because we find our inspiration in the solid knowledge of the History of Architecture and apply this knowledge to achieve excellent results in various home style projects.

Contemporary     Anglo-Caribbean     Mediterranean    Traditional  

Winner of House of the Year, 1989, from Florida Design
Magazine, Projects published in the Palm Beach Post
& Palm Beach Magazine. Member of our local Chamber
of Commerce & the National Council of Architecture
Registration Board (NCARB)

Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

Symbiosis Sustainable Design

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